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5 Things You Should Not Do in the Name of Customer Experience

Tweet I was asked recently to provide a couple (of what a reader called “See Spot Run”) blogs concerning must-have and must not do elements of a successful customer experience business. Dick, Jane, and Spot In case you aren’t familiar with the Spot referenced by the reader, he/she was a dog companion of Dick and Jane. Part of […]

{Infographic} Where has all the loyalty gone? – Long time passing


Where Has All The Loyalty Gone?

Tweet “Where Has All The Loyalty Gone? – Long Time Passing” sung to a Peter, Paul and Mary melody A long, long time ago (20 years) in a galaxy far, far away (actually main street USA) customers were basically loyal to brands. For example, my father was a “Ford man” and ne’er a new model […]

{Infographic} Likely to Recommend vs. Actually Recommending: Loyalty vs. Advocacy


To Switch or Not to Switch: 4 Ways to Stop Customer Churn {Infographic}


When it Comes to Service: Beware A Technology-Based Backlash

Tweet It’s been said that when you have a “hammer everything looks like nails.” Such is the case with technology! For quite some time now we’ve all watched technology revolutionize the way service is delivered across the globe. For example, the Internet transformed the travel service industry as sites like Travelocity decreased the need for travel agents and […]

Happiness is Not an App on a Mobile Phone {Infographic}


Why You Should Be A “Yes and” Leader In A “No but” World


How are your POPS and PODS doing?

Tweet More than a decade ago marketing professors Kevin Keller and Alice Tybout advanced two concepts that not only changed the way people market their businesses but also SHOULD have changed the way we think about delivering customer experiences. They are POPS and PODS. POPS stands for “Points of Parity” and PODS is an acronym […]

FACE It: You Should Improve Your Customer Experience

Tweet The title of this blog, isn’t meant to imply you are in denial about the importance of customer experience elevation. Rather, I am using FACE as an acronymn for 4 guiding principles to consider as you craft customer-centric solutions. For me FACE stands for: Fast Accurate Caring Easy I can demonstrate 2 of the […]