Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty

These sample presentations can take the form of keynote addresses, workshops, break-out sessions, or training sessions. All presentations can be tailored for mixed audiences or targeted exclusively for senior leadership teams, middle managers, and/or frontline staff.

Sample presentation for senior leaders:

Customer Loyalty: Driving Ease and Engagement through People, Process and Technology
The drivers of customer loyalty are changing!  Consumers no longer stay loyal to brands that simply satisfy them.  Increasingly, customers churn because brands are difficult to do business with and/or those brands don’t develop emotional or lifestyle connections with them.  In this Customer Loyalty presentation, Dr. Michelli looks at best practices from brands like Mercedes-Benz USA, Zappos, and Starbucks as they forge emotional connections at high value touch points.  He also demonstrates approaches to mobilize an entire workforce to listen to the voice of customers and look for ways to remove pain points and enhance delight.  This presentation also explores the role of employee loyalty to customer loyalty and the leadership behaviors needed to achieve both.

Sample presentation for managers/sales professionals and frontline workers:

Transforming Your Culture to Drive Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Referrals
A Harvard Business Review research article suggests that “customer experience initiatives” are failing because they are not grounded in cultures of service excellence.  In Transforming Your Culture, Dr. Michelli looks at how brands like Mercedes-Benz USA create a compelling vision of change urgency, align leaders in pursuit of tangible customer experience objectives, offer technology and process tools to delight customers, and change the internal conversation to discuss the business from the customer’s vantage point.  If you are seeking a fundamental shift toward true “customer-centric” execution, this presentation will offer a roadmap and tools for transformational change!


"I personally believe that Joseph was one of the best speakers we have ever had at our conference over the past 18 years! He was extremely knowledgeable, used data to support his remarks, used humor in a most appropriate manner, and engaged participants in a most meaningful, practical manner."

Dr. Gary L. Filan, Executive Director
Chair Academy