Transformational Partnering

As a result of Dr. Michelli's high profile work with top-flight customer experience companies, he is often approached to participate in extensive and long-term customer experience projects. Due to the time-intensive nature of this work, Dr. Michelli evaluates each opportunity and selects an occasional project based on his ability to be effective and based on the authentic passion for service demonstrated by the requesting business' leadership. In these special situations, Joseph's solution is personalized to the needs of those leaders.

Examples of Transformational Partnering:

  • Design or elevation of the customer experience across the client journey
  • Creation of client experience training tools for employees
  • Strategies for increasing employee engagement
  • Metrics and processes of measurement to capture and utilize the voice of the client
  • Creation of business-to-business, value-added service products to increase the success of the company's clients

Some examples of Dr. Michelli's services:

Health Services
Presenting opportunity - A well regarded hospital in Southern California received guidance from its board of directors to become a full-service regional healthcare system. This transformation involved purchasing other hospitals, expanding outpatient services, and repositioning the brand beyond its single hospital offerings. The system's administrators saw an opportunity to assure the flagship hospital's service culture and standards were present across all facilities with the new brand logo affixed.

Involvement - The organization was looking for a partner to develop a service template that could guide all interactions with patients and their family members. Dr. Michelli and members of our team reviewed patient, staff, and physician data, including satisfaction/engagement metrics, loyalty drivers, brand perceptions, and existing "secret shopper" information. Additionally, The Michelli Experience conducted a series of on-site focus groups involving service providers at all levels. This data collection culminated in formal recommendations for a service template that was warmly approved by the hospital's executive committee. Further, Dr. Michelli introduced these healthcare officials to senior leaders at UCLA Health System who had implemented a similar service template.

Outcome - Our team helped the client merge its service legacy with lasting and relevant aspects of its growing brand presentation. We also guided system leaders in the creation of a set of service behaviors that were consistent with the healthcare system's brand essence. Subsequently, leaders have incorporated the service template into selection, on-boarding, performance review and contracts with service delivery professionals, and incorporated it into patient feedback across all system facilities.

Casual Dining Restaurant
Presenting opportunity - A restaurant franchise chain with over 130 operating units had been a dominant player in its food category but had also experienced stagnation in franchise growth. The owner of the franchise company sought to reclaim brand identity, drive operational consistency, drive customer loyalty, and build the brand infrastructure to assure an aligned and relevant experience that would help the brand attract a broader set of customer demographics and franchisees.

Involvement - The franchisor hired Dr. Michelli to do a one-day, facilitated retreat. Based on the results of the retreat, the franchise company contracted for a two-year scope of work where we provided deliverables that included:

  • A comprehensive baseline assessment of the guest experience across all franchisee locations
  • Tools to assist franchisees in their selection, training, and delivery of a branded customer experience
  • The creation of an e-learning training platform for culture, service, and operational content
  • Finalization, enculturation, and on-boarding of franchisee-accepted values and a branded "Way We Serve Statement™"
  • Improved consistency and efficacy of customer listening

Outcome - Results include best-practice and service standards shared across the brand landscape, significant buy-in from franchisees on a finalized "Way We Serve Statement™", development of culture training tools, a partnership with a restaurant e-learning solution provider, and increased use of a web-based customer feedback tool.


"Since working with Joseph, we have begun to see a true shift in our culture toward client centricity. Joseph's knowledge, passion, guidance and his ability to hold us accountable at every turn has allowed us to create programs and communications for our global employees that they are embracing with enthusiasm."

Kim Blankenburg, Sr Director, Brand Strategy & Creative Services
Janus Capital Group