Short-Term Consultation

This fully customized, intensive full- or half-day suite of services starts with a planning meeting with leaders and owners. From that meeting, Dr. Michelli helps you with a plan to achieve your actionable customer service objectives. While each situation is different, Dr. Michelli typically either visits your workplace to assess your overall service culture and existing experiential opportunities or facilitates strategic and tactical workshops with leadership teams. Usually leaders seek help from Dr. Michelli in one of four areas.

Common areas of focus:

  • Creation of a unique service value proposition that aligns staff around a common and consistent customer experience objective - your "Way We Serve Statement™"
  • Creation or revision of your mission, vision, and values to drive a credible, relevant, unique and durable branded customer experience
  • An on-site diagnostic with recommendations for immediate, mid-range and long-term interventions to improve the client journey, strengthen interdepartmental linkage across the journey and/or drive consistency of the experience. Additionally, Dr. Michelli will help make recommendations maximizing operational execution and elevating emotional engagement with staff and customers, as well as effectively measuring the voice of the customer
  • Strategic planning sessions to chart a course for world-class customer experiences, create a sustainable service culture, and/or increase the engagement of staff and customers

Some examples of Dr. Michelli's sessions:

Quick Service Restaurant
Presenting opportunity - A small Colorado-based restaurant chain was on the cusp of franchising its stores. Leaders were concerned that brand extension through franchising could produce a diluted service experience unless the brand's service culture was well defined.

Involvement - Dr. Michelli facilitated a one-day retreat with the company's senior leaders and representatives from the company's outside brand firm. The company's values had not been particularly well defined; in fact, the words for its existing values had been selected from an on-line search to satisfy a lender. The day-long retreat produced a set of brand guardrails and durable values. Additionally, Dr. Michelli helped leaders develop a communication strategy for embedding the values into the culture of franchisees and for on-boarding new hires.

Outcome - The client received sizable investment capital from a private equity firm that specializes in middle market businesses with revenue between $10 million and $50 million. The newly formed franchise company opened approximately 10 locations in its first year.

Financial Services
Presenting opportunity - A wealth management division of one of Canada's largest banks had customer data that showed one of every three of their existing clients rated them as "excellent." Their internal research also suggested that client determinations of excellence were strongly linked to perceptions of their overall service experience. Clients who viewed the brand as excellent (as opposed to very good) had more assets under management, were easier to retain, and provided more new client referrals. As such, leadership targeted a multi-year goal of having two of three clients rate them as excellent - targeting a 33% increase in top box ratings over a five-year period.

Involvement - Dr. Michelli facilitated a one-day working session with 120 branch managers from across all locations in Canada. The session was structured to provide an overview of cutting edge strategies for securing the emotional engagement, loyalty, and advocacy of clients. During the meeting, participants identified high net worth clients, examined what was known about the occupational, recreational, and family-based interests of those clients, and crafted plans for securing more actionable information. A formal tool kit and action plan was incorporated into the participants' performance goals.

Outcome - One year after the implementation of the client information and personal contact strategy presented at the work session, the wealth management division experienced a 17% improvement in "excellent" ratings with attendant desired and projected increases in assets under management, client loyalty, and client referrals.

"Joseph did an excellent job at making people - who were convinced they were already providing great service - believe that they could do so much better. He instilled in them a craving for a culture that supports and empowers them to wow their customers every day. Joseph opened their eyes to the endless possibilities of customer loyalty and the benefits for all."

Chris Huyghe, Senior Vice President of Operations

Elekta Inc.