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Being a “Yes and” Person in a “No but” World

Tweet About 20 years ago I had a rather transformative experience while pursuing a hobby. I didn’t suspect that the class I was embarking upon would have such broad impact on my life. As a professional speaker, I envisioned possible stage benefits from learning improvisational comedy skills but I hadn’t appreciated the benefits that improv […]

Why You Should Be A “Yes and” Leader In A “No but” World


Want to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences? Focus on Your POPs & PODs {Infographic}


How are your POPS and PODS doing?

Tweet More than a decade ago marketing professors Kevin Keller and Alice Tybout advanced two concepts that not only changed the way people market their businesses but also SHOULD have changed the way we think about delivering customer experiences. They are POPS and PODS. POPS stands for “Points of Parity” and PODS is an acronym […]

FACE It: You Should Improve Your Customer Experience

Tweet The title of this blog, isn’t meant to imply you are in denial about the importance of customer experience elevation. Rather, I am using FACE as an acronymn for 4 guiding principles to consider as you craft customer-centric solutions. For me FACE stands for: Fast Accurate Caring Easy I can demonstrate 2 of the […]

FACE it: You Should Improve Your Customer Experience {Infographic}


Running with a 92 Year Old Man: Lessons in Living and Serving Fully

Tweet (This is the first time in which I have incorporated original content from my monthly newsletter into a blog post. Hopefully, when you you read about Ernie Andrus you will understand why!) In 1998, I remember reading Tom Brokaw’s fascinating book The Greatest Generation. Upon completion of that book, I walked away with a […]

Lessons in Living & Serving Fully {Infographic}


Understanding Success Habits {Guest post by Ariel Banayan}

Tweet There’s one real truth that we all have to accept in order to place ourselves on the right path to success. We ARE our habits.   Our lives are comprised of the sum total of the things we do on a daily basis, not the things we do sometimes. Once we’ve accepted the fact […]