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How Sorry Are You? Keys to Driving Satisfaction While Resolving Customer Issues

Tweet In addition to their products and services, I am a fan of Zendesk because they openly share pertinent customer experience information.  Unlike others who report customer experience results, Zendesk’s data is not the byproduct of surveys but instead emerges from customer interactions with over 25,000 businesses in 140 countries.  Here are some high level […]

How to Create Experiences through Personalization, Sharing, and Social Platforms

Tweet I am sure it is not news to you that Coca Cola has been facing declining sales numbers for a considerable stretch thanks to consumers who are less inclined to want sugar based carbonated drinks.  That trend notwithstanding, Coke’s global presence and marketing strength have allowed it to offset many of the company’s revenue […]

Renewing Commitment to Customer Experience – A Cost-Saving Approach

Tweet In many parts of the US, back to school begins weeks before the first nip of autumn can be felt in the air. It is a season that inspires lifelong learning, seeing things differently, and replacing the antiquated with the fresh. In this spirit of reconsideration and renewal I just read research scientist Peter […]

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes – Mapping Your Customers’ Journey

Tweet Sometimes we are too close to something – a process, an idea, a product or service – to see it with true, objective clarity and perspective.  This can be especially (and paradoxically) true when a notion is born from our own brains.  We think we know what it looks, smells and feels like to […]