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Guest Blog – “What You Think Versus What You Know”

Tweet In addition to my regular blog post later in the week, here is a bonus guest blog from Heidi Hanna.  Heidi and I have worked together for a shared client and I trust her expertise in human performance will offer a refreshing spark: particularly, as you strive for creative customer experience solutions?  Enough of […]

Baking customer loyalty into your overall business strategy

Tweet While working on the manuscript for my new book about Starbucks, I’ve been revisiting what Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School framed as the  “five forces analysis” of business strategy. While you probably know Porter’s five forces model, I think it is worth examining it from the perspective of building customer engagement and […]

How to respond to “Pinteresting” times in Customer Engagement

Tweet “May you live in interesting times,” is often referred to as the Chinese curse and it aptly applies to the challenge of creating relevant customer experiences online today. Let’s take the moving target of social media websites as our example.  The disruptive nature of technology and the proliferation of online offerings have played havoc […]

Gummy Worms and Customer Experience Excellence!

Tweet July 15th was National Gummy Worm day and while that might not be the type of information you would expect from this blog, it turns out to have significance in our office.  Specifically, National Gummy Worm day served as an opportunity to “surprise and delight” many of our clients and business partners.  Additionally, it […]