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Do you want return calls from sales prospects? Focus on the personal!

Tweet I’ve long championed a simple truth “all business is personal.”  That’s why I believe customer experience is as much about relationship building as it is about product and transactional excellence. A recent study conducted by Reachable powerfully demonstrates the criticality of relationship building when it comes to gaining access to make sales.  Here’s the big […]

Can you “Gamify” your Customer Experience? Lessons from the Highway

Tweet Have you thought about “gamifying” your customer experience? Over the past number of months, I’ve been spending time with senior leaders on the Starbucks Digital Ventures team.  Given the rise of popularity of mobile technology, Starbucks has “gamified” such things as Foursquare check-ins at Starbucks cafes.  Designers have also developed a customer reward program […]

Wow Customer Experiences – Defined and Delivered

Tweet In my book, The New Gold Standard, I defined “wow” experiences as “unique, emotionally engaging interactions that go beyond expectations and are readily recounted.”  As a result of that definition, I’m often asked to give examples of how “wow” service is different from good service.  So here is a beyond expectation, emotionally engaging, and […]

Customer Experience – Understanding Emotional Economics

Tweet While working on the new book I am writing about Starbucks, to be released in 2013, I have been digging deeply into research on emotional economics.  As you are  aware economics is the branch of the social sciences that looks at the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.  Through much of the […]