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A swing and a miss – wait it’s a home run?

Tweet Would you believe me if I told you that a company which experienced a data breach affecting  twenty-four million customers was later determined to be one of America’s most highly rated  on-line retailers?  Well consider yourself told! The story is that of Zappos -the albeit unconventional but world class customer experience provider profiled in […]

Should You Ask for Complaints? Yes, No, Maybe?

Tweet During a consulting visit with one of my clients, a senior level leader stated “we don’t hear much negative from our customers.”  He then asked an interestingly odd question, “should we be asking for complaints?”  Like most questions of this nature, there are no easy answers!  However, here were just a few of the […]

Giving Back – More than a Marketing Strategy

Tweet I’m fairly simple minded when it comes to business.  I believe justice ultimately prevails and inevitably companies reap what they sow. So when people insert hidden fees, fail to be transparent in their pricing, or grab for more than what they deserve I assume those behaviors will ultimately be their undoing.  Similarly, I contend […]

Service Excellence – A matter of Equality AND Inequality

Tweet While George Orwell’s 1945 book Animal Farm was intended to be an allegorical critique of Stalinism, one of the commandments which evolves during the book’s journey has always intrigued me from the perspective of client service and customer experience. That commandment reads as follows: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than […]