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Who’s in Charge? The Customer or You

Tweet I see it all too often but today the confrontation was epic! Let me set the stage in my best boxing ring announcer voice…. “In the red corner, a loud, brash, entitled customer  and  in the blue corner a poorly selected and ill-trained staff…..” Cesar Ritz, the founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, iscredited […]

Zappos – Workplace Culture Not Perks

Tweet This week Zappos soared to #6 on the Fortune Best Companies to Work For 2011 list! Just one more case example of the empirically demonstrated correlation between happy employees and happy customers. But here is something that might be missed, in 2009 (Zappos’ 10th year in business) the company debuted on the Fortune list […]

Lessons from the Road

Tweet I have been traveling and consulting a great deal lately and each day serves as an amazing learning lab. Here are some random lessons from my journeys, which I hope will relate to your business: 1) A man in a coffee shop started talking to me about a concept he called “otherness.”. This made […]

Starbucks Trenta – Can your experience get “too big?”

Tweet I knew “Trenta” was coming  but I continue to be amazed at the media storm and second guessing Starbucks receives.  In case you missed it, Starbucks launched their new 31oz drink size option (named Trenta) in 14 states this week including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Hawaii and Arizona and will add California to the […]

Building the road with hope and positivity

Tweet Half full or Half Empty? A new Gallup poll suggests optimists outnumber pessimists 2 to 1 – at least when it comes to expectations for the US economy in 2011.  Given that data, I have a series of questions for you and your company: Do you share optimism for 2011? If so, how are […]

An honest letter from YOUR customer. Do you dare read it?

Tweet I KNOW that my brain works in strange ways.  But for some reason, I started thinking about what a customer would say to owners and leaders about their honest wants, needs, and desires if they wrote them in a compact letter.  Here’s my take…. Dear Business Owner/Leader: Please do what you say you will […]

How much permission do you have? Lessons from Zappos and Clorox

Tweet Something smells around here!  Ah yes, it’s the distinct aroma of Clorox! I just finished the first draft of my new book The Zappos Experience (which will be released in the fall) and was revising a section concerning the Zappos brand platform. So I thought I might share a paragraph from the upcoming book […]

AT&T vs Verizon – A seriously improved customer experience?

Tweet Much will be written about the battle of the titans  – AT&T vs. Verizon!   Thanks, of course, to AT&T’s lost monopoly on the Iphone. AT&T will argue they have a “faster” customer experience and Verizon will suggest they are more “reliable.” In the end, prices should come down on Iphone data plans and […]

Listen – All Business is Personal

Tweet In most of my books (including two to be released later this year about Zappos and UCLA) I find myself touching on a theme that sounds something like “all business is personal.” I think I am attracted to this message because well-intentioned business leaders can get drawn into tasks, products, and profits and lose […]