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How to assess the Online or User Experience

Tweet Having spent a decade of my life conducting a daily radio talk show in a top US market, I know the importance of engaging listeners with provocative and alluring content. Unfortunately, at times most of us who’ve work in the media have painted an overly negative picture of the world around us, as evidenced […]

Customer Loyalty – Dead or Alive?

Tweet The “customer experience” blogosphere has served as the forum for a raging debate about whether “customer loyalty” has died and should be long forgotten. I have championed the side of the argument that posits “customer loyalty” is ONLY wounded and will recover. However, my belief in customer loyalty should be looked at through a […]

How to Be an Innovator

Tweet When the world economy hit a pothole in late 2008, business leaders executed a predictable and in many cases responsible strategy of cost-reduction. While those steps were important, immediate, defensive business strategies in the face of declining revenues, they had to be balanced with the need to invest in customer-focused innovation to position those […]

The Gravity of Customer Experience Enhancement

Tweet My first job in organizational development was in healthcare. More than two decades later (I can’t possibly be that old), I appear to have come full-circle as I do a great deal of consulting and training on elevating the patient-experience. This work is largely the result of my involvement with UCLA Health Systems and […]