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How Customer Loyalty Data Translates to Customer Experience Elevation

Tweet I ran across an interesting fact sheet about customer loyalty recently provided by customer focus incorporated. The findings represented and aggregate of research and some of it may be familiar to you, as it was to me, but the composite picture is enlightening. I’m sharing a few of the highlights as an impetus to […]

Is Social Media Dead? Credibility through Customer Experience

Tweet Have the winds changed? Is the social media losing the fresh influence it once enjoyed? There was an Edelman study in Advertising Age that received far less attention than I thought it would. I suspect that the reason the findings didn’t gain traction was that the results were unpopular and that people didn’t want […]

How to turn customer service into profit!

Tweet Recently, I had a very candid conversation with a CEO who I’ve known for a long time but who has never shown much interest in elevating service at his business. During that conversation he said something like, “Joseph I know you believe service is an important value proposition and intuitively it makes sense BUT […]

How words sell well!

Tweet I write everyday. At present, I am working on a book under contract, finishing revisions for a publishing agreement on my next book, and working on a collaboration document involving a company for yet a third book. So put simply, I write. Unfortunately, all too few writers will ever be able to write as […]

Direct Buy, Best Buy, Where You Buy

Tweet It had been some time since I heard about them but this week they kept finding their way into my conversations. At a large independent retail conference they were a central point of discussion, while working for a major metropolitan design center client I also heard my share about them. Who are they? Direct […]