February 2010
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Stop Selling – Leverage Listening

Tweet My friend and colleague Doug Fleener once described the possible downside of Twitter as being like a “Chamber of Commerce meeting where everyone is selling and no one is buying.” It’s great to have friends as smart as Doug because they force you to think about things differently. Ever since Doug shared his observation, […]

Is your business making WOWful Connections with your customers?

Tweet You have probably heard the well-worn phrase that “knowledge is power.” I think that’s wrong! Knowledge is just that – knowledge. Unless information is put it into action their is no power in it. Lets take the knowledge that you’ve collected on your best customers as an example. Assuming you have taken a great […]

How to Choose a Strategic Business Partner

Tweet On occasion, my father would begin to make a point with the phrase “if I had a dime for every time…..” and finish it with something like “a politician made a promise they did not keep – then I would be a rich man today” With inflation, I’ve decided to modernize my father’s speech […]

How do YOU KNOW?

Tweet As a business owner and consultant, one of my favorite phrases has been “how do you know?” For example, I might ask a CEO of a business that I’m consulting with about their overall level of employee engagement and after they give me their subjective assessment, I typically spring the follow-up question “how do […]