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Define and Refine

Tweet In my book The New Gold Standard, I advance a business principle which I labeled “define and refine.” The principle emphasizes the importance of defining the experience you want customer’s to have with your staff and explores how to refine that experience based on what is relevant to your customers. While several chapters of […]

It’s WOW Time!

Tweet Having extolled the virtues of “Delivering Wow” in my book The New Gold Standard. I am constantly on the lookout for “wow” service moments and the ingredients necessary for a customer to conclude that service reached the level of a “wow”. The Verde Group, in conjunction with the Wharton School of Business, released a […]

2020 Vision

Tweet Great business leaders not only react but anticipate – that’s what strategic planning is all about. With that in mind, I am taking this opportunity to look ahead, way ahead, to the US consumer in 2020. I was inspired to take this long range view after reading an article written by Doug Anderson the […]

USP and You

Tweet A recent article written by Barbara Farfan has me thinking about my clients’ USPs. If you haven’t heard about the concept of a USP, it stands for a Unique Selling Proposition. In short it is that special something that makes you different from your competitors. To demonstrate the power of this concept, I […]