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{Infographic} The Future of Customer Service: Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence


The Future of Customer Service: Human Intelligence (HI) or Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tweet I have been slow to accept that, from a service perspective, humans will ever be replaced by computers.  I’ve suggested that customers will resist “robots” and I’ve based my thinking in part on the “uncanny valley” hypothesis which postulates that the more robots look like humans the less humans will feel comfortable with them. […]

Not Hand Size! Heart Size! The Art of Engagement and Loyalty

Who is #2 (behind Google) on Fortune magazine’ “Best Companies to Work for” list?

Memorable WOW Experience Held Together by Coffee Stir Sticks

Tweet It’s an occupational hazard of keynoting, consulting, and writing about customer service that my friends and family feel compelled to share all of their customer service nightmare stories. I’m really not complaining. I merely mention this as a set-up to a story shared with me by my son. Before I get too far into […]

Renewed Year Customer Experience Focus

Tweet A new year is here and I need to make a confession. I admit it. I’ve been critical of leaders who make declarations like “THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE CUSTOMER.” My problem with those types of statements is that I believe every year should be the year of the customer. Why else are we in business? In support of my […]

Awaken the Force: Six Powerful Commitments for 2016

Tweet As December comes to a close, many of us will do a “year in review” (and if we don’t, Facebook will do it for us).  A lot of us will also think about how we can succeed in the year to come. I have long stopped doing “New Year’s resolutions” since I’ve repeatedly lost and gained back the same 10 pounds […]

Who Are Your Customers?

Tweet We don’t often think of Starbucks as being the new kid on the block.  Yet, India Real Time, a blog published by the Wall Street Journal, fairly recently reported that the majority of India’s population of 1.2 billion people have never heard of it.  Rather, their equivalent café experience is with Café Coffee Day […]

Customer Feedback Loop – Interview with Gautam Mahtani

Tweet Welcome to the second of three installments of my interview with Gautam Mahtani Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Customer Feedback Systems. Joseph: Gautam what is the best practice model you identified for creating a high velocity customer feedback loop? Gautam: The first step is to make solicitation of customer feedback quick and easy and […]

How to Create Sustainable Customer Excellence: The Power of an Acknowledging Leader

Tweet We have talked about the power of being seen, truly seen, as one hallmark of an exemplary customer experience. But to see, listen to, understand, and serve your customers may not be your role day-in and day-out. Perhaps you have a team that more directly interacts with customers or a front-life staff whose job […]

The Big Question – What’s Next For Our Business?

Tweet Growth and expansion are provocative words in business.  They suggest all things good, abundant, and forward-moving – more revenue, more brand exposure, more leverage and influence.  When seasons of success accumulate under your belt growth often feels like the next logical step, much like marriage after a long courtship.  Yet, whether your business is […]