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All Business is Personal – Consistency with a Twist

Tweet Dating back to my early work with Starbucks, (reflected in my first book about the global coffee leader titled – The Starbucks Experience), I have been asserting that ALL BUSINESS IS PERSONAL. I often note that the next customer might be your 50th routine interaction of the day but for them, the contact will […]

As A Speaker Don’t Try To Be Purrficct {Guest Post by Bill Lampton, Ph.D.)

Tweet {This is a guest post from Bill Lampton, Ph.D.} Yes, I misspelled perfect because I wanted you to see that it’s OK to make a mistake. You still knew what I meant, didn’t you? Now the good news is that audiences will get what you mean and understand you clearly even though you make a […]

Make a Mouse: The Power of a Culture of Customer Experience Excellence

Tweet I’ve often said anyone can create a mouse. All you have to do is put a copious quantity of food and cloth scraps on your floor and, over time, a mouse will appear. The same can be said for great service cultures. Leaders are responsible for “creating the right environment” for world-class customer experiences […]

The Muhammad Ali Experience: 5 Lessons to Win By

Tweet Muhammad Ali was not only a civil rights advocate and exceptionally talented boxer – he was and will be an enduring brand. From an advertising perspective, his equity extended in commercial endorsements of brands like Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Apple, Coke, Gatorade, and Pizza Hut. So what can every business leader learn from the brand experience consistently delivered by Muhammad Ali? Here […]

How are your POPS and PODS doing?

Tweet More than a decade ago marketing professors Kevin Keller and Alice Tybout advanced two concepts that not only changed the way people market their businesses but also SHOULD have changed the way we think about delivering customer experiences. They are POPS and PODS. POPS stands for “Points of Parity” and PODS is an acronym […]

How to WOW Customers Without Spending an Extra Dime {Infographic}


How to Become a Leader in Customer Experience | Driven to Delight

Tweet There are leaders, followers, and…well people who just get in the way! Which are you? In business today, it takes leadership to build a business that consistently engages customers. If customers aren’t emotionally connected to your brand, through the experiences you provide, you will be vulnerable to offers and solicitations from your competitors. Such […]

Win a Starbucks and Zappos Prize Pack from The Michelli Experience

Tweet I have a new book about to be released about Mercedes-Benz USA titled Driven to Delight. Since we couldn’t afford to give away a Mercedes-Benz S-Class (sorry!) we created a gift pack with goodies from other brands about which I have written. As such, in celebration of Driven to Delight we are giving away […]

Why Businesses Should Embrace Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Service

Tweet Live chat has been an up and coming technology for a number of years now, but its importance was driven home when we saw new research from the online help desk buyers’ research firm Software Advice. They found that regardless of the nature of the question, 56% of millennials preferred live chat over the […]

The best metrics for getting started with employee engagement {Guest Post}

Tweet During the last decade or so, human resource management has been essentially flipped on its head. What was once a decidedly employer-centered market has become one driven by the needs and concerns of the employee. Despite still relatively high competition for jobs in a recovering global economy, more and more companies that require a […]