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Awaken the Force: Six Powerful Commitments for 2016

Tweet As December comes to a close, many of us will do a “year in review” (and if we don’t, Facebook will do it for us).  A lot of us will also think about how we can succeed in the year to come. I have long stopped doing “New Year’s resolutions” since I’ve repeatedly lost and gained back the same 10 pounds […]

So You Want to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences… | Driven to Delight

Tweet According to Forrester Research, 93% of corporate leadership teams place customer experience improvement on their list of strategic priorities and 23% businesses have it in the number 1 position.  So if you want to drive an elevated customer experience that differentiates your business from the competition, increases the loyalty of your customers, and results in […]

The Cost of Serving Well

Tweet It was such a thought-provoking question.  In an interview this week, I was asked, “how much does it cost a business owner to deliver memorable service?”  Earlier in the day, I had read about a police officer in Connecticut, Michael Castillo, who was on a call to break-up a fight at a Target store.  […]

How great are you?

Tweet Ernie Andrus made his coast-to-coast run across the United States when he was only 90 and he is well on his way to doing it again at age 92! In 2013 Ernie, a World War II Navy veteran, set out to break a record for the oldest man to run across America.   The prior […]

“It’s not what you know but…”

Tweet According to the old adage that sentence stem ends with “who you know.” On stage and in writing lately I have concluded that the old adage doesn’t tell the whole story.  As such I have modified it to say: “It’s not what you know OR who you know.  It’s what you know ABOUT who you […]

Would you have your wedding at Starbucks? Becoming a Beloved Brand

Tweet So would you?  Would you have your wedding at Starbucks?  How about your reception? Lets switch venues, how about at Taco Bell or Subway? While I have never heard of a Taco Bell reception, I have been tracking the phenomena of Starbucks weddings and receptions since I worked on my first book about the […]

Human and Automated: Customer Experience Management at Its Best

Tweet According to customer support technology reviews firm Software Advice and research they conducted, manually trying to manage customer relationships and consumer complaints through email and spreadsheets is going the route of rotary-dial phones! What was once an expectation in large business is becoming stand fare for small business owners as well. Integrated software solutions […]

Holiday Relationships – Focusing on More than the Sale

Tweet We are in the throes of the frenzied shopping season, so it seems timely that we remind ourselves of several truths about why we should focus more on customer relationships and less on sales: People want to be viewed as important and unique. (Jumping into a sales process without taking the time to understand […]

Wireless Charging at a Starbucks Near You! Partnering in the Removal of Pain/Drain Points

Tweet You have seen us. If you are honest you will admit to being one of us. We are the people trying to appear inconspicuous as we feverishly look for an available power outlet to recharge our laptops, tablets, or cellular phones. We are easily located in a wide number of locations including airports and […]

Segment Your Service Experiences!

Tweet Customers aren’t always right and they certainly aren’t equal,  but…customers are always paying the bills! I am stuck by two groups of business leaders – those who treat customers as an after thought to profits or products and those that treat every customer equally.  I have always ascribed to Peter Drucker’s adage that we […]