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Salespeople are the Real Super Heroes

Tweet Jeb Blount, author of People Buy You was kind enough to offer a guest blog for your enjoyment this week.  I will provide my blog later in the week but am grateful to be able to share Jeb’s thoughts… Let’s get real. The world continues to wallow in an economic malaise where unemployment is [...]

The Conundrum of Consistency: When More Becomes…More of the Same

Tweet Consumers value consistency.  Consistency of service, consistency of product, consistency of availability, particularly when we travel.  But consumers also value the unique and, of late, the local – that feeling of having discovered a secret gem.  As a business owner, how do you cater to this perplexing paradox? Many brands enter communities and appear [...]

Rewarding Complaints – Interview with Gautam Mahtani

Tweet Please enjoy this final installment of my interview with Gautam Mahtani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Customer Feedback Systems. Joseph: Gautam if someone wants to bring you into their organization to assess their strategies for actionable voice of the customer intelligence how would they get in contact with you? What are the phases of [...]

Customer Feedback Loop – Interview with Gautam Mahtani

Tweet Welcome to the second of three installments of my interview with Gautam Mahtani Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Customer Feedback Systems. Joseph: Gautam what is the best practice model you identified for creating a high velocity customer feedback loop? Gautam: The first step is to make solicitation of customer feedback quick and easy and [...]

Assessing the Voice of the Customer – Interview with Gautam Mahtani

Tweet Today on the blog, I feature the first part of an interview with Gautam Mahtani, Loyalty Strategist and Co-founder of Customer Feedback Systems…. Joseph: Welcome to the Michelli Experience Blog. I’m honored to have as a guest with me Gautam Mahtani who has mastery as it relates to assessing the voice of the customer. [...]

How to Grow Your Customer Connection Through Technology

Tweet In a Time magazine survey, people were forced to choose one item to take to work: their wallet, their lunch, or their mobile device. The result: 66 percent chose their mobile device over their lunch, and 44 percent chose their mobile device over their wallet. In the same study, 68 percent of adults report [...]

Getting Personal: It’s NOT Just for Valentine’s Day

Tweet Having the products and services your customers want and delivering them consistently is merely table stakes today.  The real challenge is whether you get personal with customers! Let’s face it, we live in a service economy and are surrounded by service providers.  Yet, oddly, we often feel that we are woefully underserved or worse [...]

Guest post: PHENOMENAL Marketing Systems by Howard Partridge

Tweet For about a decade I have been blessed to work with and for Howard Partridge, president of Phenomenal Products. In fact, this year I will be one of the presenters of a leadership master class with Howard and: John Maxwell the category-creating leadership author of more than 60 leadership books, as well as Michel [...]

A Case Study for 2014 – Learning from Legendary Leaders

Tweet In the spirit of being lifelong learners this new year, and every year for that matter, let me share a new word  I learned recently:  holacracy.  I am assuming you may have see this word buzzing around the Web lately. My connection to the word comes through Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos. As you [...]

Making it Right: Turning Breakdown Experiences into Forever Customers

Tweet It happens from time to time, despite your best efforts.  Your business dutifully prepares for seemingly every contingency and investigates each process fault point. Yet, once in awhile, something still manages to fall apart when trying to serve a customer.  The work of researchers like Amy Smith and Ruth Bolton published in the Journal [...]