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Awaken the Force: Six Powerful Commitments for 2016

Tweet As December comes to a close, many of us will do a “year in review” (and if we don’t, Facebook will do it for us).  A lot of us will also think about how we can succeed in the year to come. I have long stopped doing “New Year’s resolutions” since I’ve repeatedly lost and gained back the same 10 pounds […]

Awaken the Force: Six Powerful Commitments for 2016 {Infographic}


So You Want to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences… | Driven to Delight

Tweet According to Forrester Research, 93% of corporate leadership teams place customer experience improvement on their list of strategic priorities and 23% businesses have it in the number 1 position.  So if you want to drive an elevated customer experience that differentiates your business from the competition, increases the loyalty of your customers, and results in […]

So You Want to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences…{Infographic} | Driven to Delight


Understanding the Customer Journey {Infographic} | Driven to Delight


How to Become a Leader in Customer Experience | Driven to Delight

Tweet There are leaders, followers, and…well people who just get in the way! Which are you? In business today, it takes leadership to build a business that consistently engages customers. If customers aren’t emotionally connected to your brand, through the experiences you provide, you will be vulnerable to offers and solicitations from your competitors. Such […]

How to Become a Leader in Customer Experience {Infographic} | Driven to Delight


Common Knowledge is Not So Common

Tweet I’d just crossed through a sentence I’d written in a training series for the retail team at Godiva. To me, the sentence stated the obvious when it came to the importance of “product knowledge.” My internal dialogue went something like, “Who doesn’t know that, Joseph? It’s time to take a break and come back […]

The best metrics for getting started with employee engagement {Guest Post}

Tweet During the last decade or so, human resource management has been essentially flipped on its head. What was once a decidedly employer-centered market has become one driven by the needs and concerns of the employee. Despite still relatively high competition for jobs in a recovering global economy, more and more companies that require a […]

Automated Call Answering Cuts Costs But Also Cuts Customers {Guest Post}

Tweet The size of a customer service department is, of course, directly related to the size of the business it is serving. A small company with only a limited number of customers will not have the same demands as a large one serving millions of people. For the latter, it can become a costly operation […]