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You look like a curator…a key to adding customer experience value

Tweet Are you are a curator?  In today’s time-pressured, information-laden world you should think about adding “curator” to your title! In my youth, I thought of curators as old sophisticates who went around the world securing art works for museums.  Today, I think of them as smart business leaders who add value for customers by […]

Customer Experience – Art or Science? The answer is YES

Tweet Crafting engaging customer experiences requires a blend of art and science.  The science often hinges on effective use of empirical data concerning consumer need states, use patterns, and changing trends. To that end, I offer some recent results from Bitly’s research’s on viral social media content.  As you probably know, Bitly is a service […]

Customer Experience Limbo – How low can it go?

Tweet Dive in – the data is fine!  If you want to get a quick pulse on the state of service experiences globally, look no farther than the recently published American Express Global Customer Service Barometer. Beyond painting a woeful picture of tragically dissatisfying service levels, the American Express study shows that much service deteriorates […]

Giraffes are ESSENTIAL to your customer experience!

Tweet I ran across a very interesting video blog by Chris Hurn, the CEO and co-founder of Mercantile Capital, so I had my Social Media and IT director, Andrew, post it on our Facebook page. Since I wrote a book about service excellence at the Ritz-Carlton, Chris’ blog post,  “Joshie at the Ritz-Carlton: An Extraordinary […]

More to Business than Money!

Tweet My mother often exhorted me to appreciate that “if I couldn’t say something nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.”  I typically adhere to that motherly wisdom and it has served me well.  On this occasion, however, I have to sidestep Mom’s sage input.  Spirit Airlines, a low-fare, no-frills, air carrier based out of […]