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Starbucks blocks electrical outlets in its cafes – What?

Tweet As you may have heard from the media, some Starbucks stores are blocking electrical outlets.  Since I have been involved with the company and written The Starbucks Experience, I am often asked about decisions that affect Starbucks customers. For today’s blog, I thought I would share my response to a recent inquiry concerning the […]

Business partners and a FREE Zappos Gift

Tweet T0day, I was fortunate enough to get to speak to an audience regarding co-branding and business partnerships!  To draw out core concepts, I asked the group the following questions and thought they might help you consider your essentials of partnering: In your personal life or in business, where have you accomplished more because you […]

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

Tweet I’ve watched Zappos twitter posters and Zappos bloggers effectively deploy questions like that one to engage their social media tribe. I was speaking at an  event in Las Vegas today and heard a panelist offer one of the best distinctions between the lead generating benefits of a web page and the relationship building benefits […]

Wounded but Alive – Surviving Zappos Fun Experiences

Tweet I was at Zappos HQ today delivering an advance copy of The Zappos Experience book to Tony Hsieh and colleagues (the book will hit bookstores by Oct 15th). Honestly, I was minding my own business when I became a casualty of an errant foam dart flying across the Zappos Insights work area.  You have […]

Give Them the Water

Tweet I was satisfied by my old dry cleaner but circumstances prompted a change, so I was in the market for a new one.  I stopped at several local businesses but most did not accept my preferred form of payment.  Finally, a dry cleaner that accepts American Express — but how will the rest of […]

Experience in an Environment of Fear

Tweet Since 2001, I have travelled many times on September 11th.  This weekend, however, my travel felt different.  From my origin location Denver International Airport through my connections and ultimate destination, travelers appeared anxious and/or apprehensive.  In fact, each time we touched down the passenger cabin’s erupted into applause.  It seemed as though people had […]

Caring for or about your customer?

Tweet It is a subtle but powerful distinction – do you care for or about your customers?  I’m not suggesting that you can’t do both but I am asserting that most businesses struggle to do the former let alone the latter.  The “caring for” dimension emphasizes service competence while the “caring about” aspect focuses on […]

Why you have to earn trust!

Tweet I recently had 3 contractors give me bids on a minor home improvement project. The three bids ranged from $350 to $10,500.  WOW – did these three building professionals actually bid the same job?  Upon receiving these bids, I wasn’t sure if the high bid reflected price gauging or if the low bid evidenced […]

Tell me a Story – Amplify and Humanize

Tweet I will make a bold assertion. To be an effective leader YOU MUST be a consummate story teller. The art of inspiring people to engage in consistently extraordinary service behaviors begins and ends with stories. While I can teach many transactional skills, amazing service is not a paint by numbers enterprise. It takes impassioned, […]

Why your staff won’t think or act!

Tweet Ok, I know the blog title is harsh but today I observed a defining moment in staff disempowerment.  I was in an airport (which shall remain nameless) watching a staff member at a food cart take complaint after complaint about a non-functional coffee vending machine by their cart.  Each time the employee told the […]