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How to REALLY say “THANK YOU!”

Tweet Many people will say “thank you” to their customers today.  Sadly, in some cases that gratitude will lack credibility.  To have your customer appreciation message stick, you may need to translate the words into the following actions: 1) Strive to offer the best possible product, 2) Seek to deliver the product in a manner […]

Increase tension with your customer – Nudge the LOVE

Tweet I was reading a blog post by the ad agency Redpepperland concerning factors needed to create a beloved brand. In it, the unnamed author astutely suggested that people don’t fall in love with logo’s or brand imagery but do so through the personal dimension. In the past, I’ve suggested that “loving” a brand, is […]

The Starbucks Experience is Back…or Is it?

Tweet As the author of The Starbucks Experience, I endured predictions of the brands demise from some very esteemed colleagues.  With rounds of layoffs, a January 29th 2009 announcement that 3oo stores were closing, a cooling economy, and increased competition for the gourmet coffee market, it was looking like Starbucks was on the ropes! While […]

Are you T.O.M. AND T.O.H.?

Tweet In today’s video extra, I share the economic benefits of making a customer connection that is not only Top Of Mind but also Top Of Heart. Since advertising impressions just aren’t enough, check out this video to see if you are making the connection….. The Value of Connection

Send your customer away, it’s for the good of all!

Tweet I know this will sound crazy at first, but please bear me out.  You SHOULD SEND YOUR CUSTOMER AWAY: 1) when it’s in the customer’s best interest 2) when it’s in your staff’s best interest A recent study cited in the book Service Economics suggests that when businesses truly act like “trusted advisors” (not […]

Walmart, Amazon, Carnival Splendor – A Week of Customer Experience Lessons

Tweet What a week it was! With so much in the news touching upon customer service and consumer loyalty, I’m addressing a few tidbits as “teachable moments” or “food for thought.” Wal-mart announced that, for the Christmas season, it would be offering “free shipping” on most online item purchases (irrespective of order value). This announcement […]

What’s more important employee or customer care?

Tweet I was asked great questions yesterday by two very different audiences (one a diverse group of business leaders and the other a convocation of students at the Monfort School of Business).  I’ll pass along one of those questions as well as my answer and then turn that question back to you? What is more […]

A coupon away from leaving you

Tweet We’ve all heard it, “customer satisfaction is not enough.”  But why not? I recently stayed at a hotel that satisfied me.  They were competent in delivering a clean room at a reasonable price, but I have no intention to stay again.  If I received a coupon from a competitor in there town I would […]

Do you deliver emotional value? How the little guy beat Coca Cola!

Tweet Imagine a powerful brand like Coca Cola entering into a market like Peru and losing to a local drink like Inca Kola! Why would Coca Cola, one of the worlds most powerful brands, not win market share from “the Golden Kola”  (a sweet fruity lemon verbena-flaored soda)? Here’s the answer  in two words?  EMOTIONAL […]

Is your brand a myth, story, or legend?

Tweet I admit I wasn’t paying adequate attention when my elementary school teacher covered this but as someone who works with and writes about “legendary” brands I now have a compelling interest….and so should you. How would you categorize your company? …. a myth, story or a legend.  Here are some quick definitions to aid […]