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Sex Doesn’t Sell that Well! – How to make real visceral connections with customers

Tweet I have long been an admirer of the work of Martin Lindstrom. As you probably know, Martin is a revolutionary thinker in the area of consumer behavior, branding, and neuromarketing. In fact he worked with a group of 20 noted scientists to conduct a 3 year 7 million dollar study that used state-of-the-art brain […]

How to execute “EASY” – A Boom or Bust Proposition

Tweet So what would you rather do – wait for a person to serve you or expedite the process at a self-service computer kiosk? If you are a business owner looking for an easy technology solution to speed up your service delivery, you might want to pay attention to this complicated finding from a study […]

Turning Trends into Customer-Centric Product

Tweet Did you ever stumble upon a piece of knowledge that served you well throughout your career? Early on in my professional journey I happened upon a summary of key annual objectives for the board of directors at a hospital where I worked. For some strange reason, I thought to myself that I should try […]

Elevating the Customer Experience – Where You Should Start!

Tweet While sitting with a “customer experience” leadership team at an international airline company, we talked about how to prioritize their lengthy list of customer-centric action plans. That discussion helped me appreciate the difficulty some business leaders face when it comes to “where to start” with their customer experience initiatives. Unlike reading a book, there […]